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Deepen your knowledge and skills in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Powerful Conditioning Methods

Course Summary

Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland guide you through many of their most successful methods of hypnotic trance induction, suggestibility tests, and trance conditioning in The Hypnosis Resource Hub. You will be able to study in detail how different approaches, methods and techniques work so that you can deepen the quality of your trance experience, and refine your skills and become even more effective in your understanding of trance and delivery of hypnotic inductions.

In over 3 hours of video instruction, which are optimised for PC and all Mobile formats (tablets, phones), we include an exploration at the beginning so you can see how the techniques are moved into in a seamless way.

In this powerful resource hub you will learn from a variety of different methods, including:

  • The Complete Advanced Hypnosis Masterclass on Inductions and Deepeners - Dr Tom Barber presents this full day workshop, which captures over 2 hours of footage on how to explain the idea of hypnosis to clients, how it is broken down, and ‘seeded’ commands are embedded in the pre-hypnotic conditioning of your client, so that they enter trance easily and with sufficient depth for any kind of intervention. Included is:
•  The `8 Word’ induction
•  The Handshake Induction
•  The Watch and Click Induction
•  The Windmill Induction
•  Advanced Hypnotic Deepeners
•  The Role of Hypnotic Logic
•  Mastering Embedded Suggestions
•  Analogical Marking
•  Conversational Hypnosis

  • Hypnotic Inductions & Deepeners - In this section Dr Tom Barber demonstrates 3 different hypnotic inductions and deepeners. Each one can be used to induce hypnosis in your client but clients react better to some inductions over others, so testing which is more suited to them is important. Demonstrated in these standard and rapid inductions, and deepeners are the concepts of:
•  Rapid 'Spot on Hand' Induction  •  Passive Progressive Relaxation  •  Artfully Vague Deepener  •  Post-Hypnotic Conditioning  •  Associative Conditioning  •  Trance Conclusion Methods  •  The Elman Induction  • Eye Focusing  •  Eye Relaxation to Closure  •  Breathing into Relaxation  •  Body Relaxation  •  Arm Deepening Compounding and Trance Depth Testing  •  Eye Opening and Closing Deepening  •  Counting Down Deepener for Mental  Relaxation  •  Connecting with the Subconscious Mind  •  Communicating with the Subconscious Mind  •  Conscious Reorientation  •  The Rapid 'Handshake' Induction  •  Head Rotation Deepener  •  The Arm Raise Staged Deepener  •  Working with 'Nothing' Responses  •  Subconscious Symbolic Connecting.

  • Suggestibility Testing - In this section Dr Tom Barber demonstrates three different suggestibility tests that can be used to gauge your client’s reaction to suggestive commands. This will help you with formatting the type and length of your hypnotic suggestion section of your interventions. Demonstrated are:
•  The ‘Hypnotic Buckets’ technique
•  The ‘Iron Arm’ technique 
•  The ‘Stuck Hands’ technique.

  • Dr Tom Barber's 'Windmill Induction' Method - In this demonstration Tom shows his unique method of hypnotic induction which he calls the ‘Windmill Induction’, designed to bypass the clients conscious rational logical thinking and take them to a physiological state of trance in which then a rapid induction can proceed. Tom shows 2 demonstrations of this dynamic and powerful trance induction, ideal for clients who find it difficult to stop their rational logical mind interfering with the trance induction process.
  • Self Hypnosis Training - This section shows Tom demonstrating how to use three different methods of Self Hypnosis inductions. These can be used depending on the amount of time you have and your location. Demonstrated are: 
•  The ‘Easy Artfully Vague’ method
•  The ‘Thumb Nail Gazing’ method 
•  The ‘Eye Breathing’ method

  • The 30 Person Hypnotic 'Handshake Induction' - Dr Tom Barber demonstrates repeat Hypnotic 'Handshake' Inductions with a class of 30 students in Estonia via translation. In this session you can watch numerous times how the handshake induction is utilised, and how direct suggestion enables countless students to remain standing and stable throughout.
  • The Blog Bank - the entire collection of Tom and Sandra's blogs, all in one place.

You will have lifetime access to over 3 hours of video sessions in this course, and as the sessions are also contained on our servers you will not need to download any files, or have any space taken up by DVDs.

Included also are instructional PowerPoint slides, verbatim text versions of the videos so you can refer to them in your work with clients, as well as many Audio files so that you can listen to the techniques. More resources and bonuses are constantly being added.

You can take as much time as you want to study each approach and technique in your own time through your Personal Online Member’s portal on either your computer, tablet or phone (all platforms included such as iPhone and Android, etc.)

"I have found the resource hub extremely inspirational and energising. I have been running my own practice for some time now and the various modules brought me and still bring me lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies. I have attended many courses in the past and the quality of this content is exceptional. This has certainly been one of my most productive investments." - Valerie Queyrel - Counsellor, Coach & Hypnotherapist

“‘The Hub’ is my life-line! It helps me so much to remind myself of the different approaches before I go into a session. I really don’t know what I would do without it.” - Nicole Plattner – Integrative Psychotherapist

"A big thank you for producing 'The Hub'. As far as I am concerned it is a must have educational resource. Tom and Sandra have generously shared their knowledge and experience in the therapy room covering a range of approaches. The techniques demonstrated provide a quality and depth that have enhanced and added to my skills. I can also confidently access 'The Hub' whenever and wherever I want to!"  - Sharon Carley - Integrative Hypnotherapist

For 'true in-depth' learning, the Hub 
really will make a difference with your understanding of hypnosis, and how to implement the ideas within each approach.

But don't take our word for it. Try it for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied you can get a full refund, no questions asked!

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We have packed our most effective hypnotic materials into this exciting program. We hope you enjoy learning, in a fun way, how quality trance conditioning can really help you work at powerfully enlightening unconscious depth.

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    Deepen your knowledge and skills in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Powerful Conditioning Methods

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